2022 - a year in review

2022 - a year in review
Photo by op23 / Unsplash

About a year ago, I struggled to cook a pizza on my own. Since I didn't have a pan big enough, I had to improvise.

I also learned how to bike in the snow:

I learned to make pickled eggs and how to spatchcock a chicken:

I finally shaved off my beard. It kept catching icicles:

I built a whole new organ over spring break! You can read all about it here:

new organ - tate
a life observed

I tried (and failed) to learn Hebrew in 40 days through the Foreign Service Institute. This was in preparation for my trip to Israel (which I still haven't finished writing about!):

israel - tate
a life observed

I've GREATLY improved my YouTube abilities from my first homemade organ video:

To my most recent:

I've survived more snow:

I moved into a new community house with spectacular housemates:

And, of course, I've continuted my PhD research, but I can't show photos of that!

My New Year's resolutions are forthcoming. In the near future, I'll wrap up a few loose ends on this blog (like my Israel trip: I need to tell y'all about visiting the Gaza wall!) and have plenty more organ videos as I prepare for my guild certification.