breaking new technological innovation! may disrupt an entire industry!

breaking new technological innovation! may disrupt an entire industry!

Good morning America (and the rest of my friends who live on other continents)!

Are you ready to learn about the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, totally renewable, organic, free-range technology that might put an end to Big Appliance? Are you ready to hear about my amazing new project as a degree-having, card-carrying engineer?

Today, I tell you, is the first day of the rest of your life.

Did you know that you've been lied to by basically everyone from the time you were born? I was also once like you, believing everything that society taught me about what I need and what I must have.

You know what's expensive? Quarters. Quarters run about 25₵ apiece these days. I bet you also didn't know that the washer and drier in my apartment complex absolutely refuse to run unless you shove SEVEN quarters into EACH of them (which is a serious problem that should be fixed because you can't get those quarters back)!  That's FOURTEEN quarters every time I need to do laundry – as if I needed another excuse to avoid it.

Well, since I'm an engineer, I've developed a new device that dries you're clothes just as effectively as a commercial drier and it only takes approximately 1200% longer! All for the low, low cost of FREE! "What's the catch?" you might ask. There is no catch. BIG DRIER HAS BEEN LYING TO YOU!! You don't need a drier.

the design (you can make it yourself, only moderate technical skill required!)

Step 1: Acquire string from your roommate. He usually has extra lying around.

Step 2: Hang string somewhere. If you don't have random fancy hooks in your ceiling like I do... I'm not actually sure what you should do. Maybe tape it to a wall.

Step 3: Hang wet clothes on it. They later become dry! It's like magic.

Step 4: Tell all your friends!

I plan to release this design as an open-source project on GitHub so that everyone can have access to this life-changing technology!

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