love is not the letting go

love is not the letting go
Photo by Ankush Minda / Unsplash

While at home, I look outside and see the weather change. The leaves turn brown, the evenings red, the sunshine turns to rain.

A summer full of changing loves, now changing to the past. While letting go, my love goes on. My fall, the summer lasts.

I'm lighter now I'm holding on to none but help me go, but don't know how to move along un-burdened, un-bound, un-low.

I trip and fall with newfound feet, my customs in my way. I know I'm free, my chains are gone, to dawn a golden day.

Years ago I told my dad I want to drive so far. But sitting here I'm satisfied just dwelling in my car.

Freedom felt of restless go, to eat up road and gas. But love is not the letting go, but going love the last.