sometimes i think loudly

sometimes i think loudly

The more time I spend on something, the more value it has to me. The best examples of this are the projects I work on.

Sometimes I spend entire days or weeks working on a project, but once I'm finished the only place it lives on is in my own memories. This is a shame! I put in time and energy to create value in the world. Rather than let it die, I want to preserve and share it with others who may find it useful or inspiring.

This is also true for the things I simply think about: every day I struggle through a thousand problems in my head as my assumptions are challenged and I discover that something I believe about the world is actually inadequate to describe a more complex reality.

Since I spend so much time working on projects and thinking, I think those things are worth sharing.  This blog is mainly for sharing life updates about the interesting things I do, but I will also use it to simply share my thoughts and experiences.

For the near future, I expect that these posts will take the form of a meditation on a conversation, scripture, quote, or simply how I understand the world. I hope to work through some things, discover new things, and leave each post with a new perspective on the world!

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