the power of prayer

the power of prayer
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Yesterday, when I finally sat down and thought about the day, I realized something. Here's the text I sent one of my friends:

There are days when I'm humbled to realize that all my accomplishments are the direct result of someone else's intentional prayers. Today was one of those days.

I'm so fortunate to attend a church that prays. On Sunday morning, when I stand, sing, and worship, the music seems to expand in my mind far beyond its normal boundaries to fill my entire body with light and love. When I sit and listen to the sermon, I make connections and discoveries far beyond the capacity and creativity of my own brain. Those creative discoveries make we want to jump up from the pew and proclaim the gospel from the housetops; they make me want to cry and scream to stop the stupid violence in the world, and put an end to hatred; they make we want to dance and embrace everyone who loves me. I ask God, "Why's this happen?" He always gives the same reply: "You see my heart because Paul and Becky and innumerable others prayed for this morning's worship service to move you powerfully."

I didn't realize until halfway through college that the single most powerful guiding force of my life was the prayers of my parents, hometown, and extended family. I don't remember how this realization came, but it turned my life upside down.

My new year's resolution is to pray more:

new year’s resolution
I don’t like resolutions. I don’t even like goals. This year, I made a resolution. If I need to do something that’s good for me, why would I wait until January 1st to start doing it? If I need to stop something that’s bad for me, why would I wait

And I'm coming to realize that my entire life is already full of and covered with prayer.

In an earlier post, I wrote this:

... Prayer is an act of humility and submission. Every prayer involves admitting to yourself and to God that you prefer the way God runs things better than you prefer running them yourself. Way back in the beginning, when God made you in his image, he gave you authority over the earth. You get to do whatever you want with it! You could be like all the despots of history and try to turn the world into your own version of, "good." Or, you could make the much better decision to humbly accept what God says is good and allow him to work through you. Prayer is ceding control to God.

Every time I realize that someone else's prayers have blessed me, instead of just enjoying the fact, I always think, "Man! I should've prayed for that myself!" Well, that gut reaction, while noble, misses the point. In reality, the blessing already happened despite the silence of my prayer life. I didn't need to pray for it. God, like any good father, knew what I needed long before I knew I needed it. He mobilized his army of followers to raise me up and bless me.

Now, I'm part of that army (and so are you). Every time someone comes to your mind, hold them there. Give them a mental hug and think, "What would bless them today?" Read all about that here:

the gentle voice of love
I’m taking a brief departure from the book of Luke to continue the long-awaited series on fear. You can read the earlier posts here: fear - tateA website. Helps you keep up with Tate!tateI’ve struggled to write this post because there’s so much background I want to include that

So, my friends, what are you waiting for? Start right now!

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