there's good news and bad news

there's good news and bad news
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I write occasionally about public media and how to consume it. My general recommendation is to consume the news intentionally from a broad range of sources. The problem with allowing yourself to passively consume random information is that all media is biased. It always has been and always will be. The problem is only getting worse in the sense that we have easier access to more low quality news sources than ever before. I've written extensively about how to combat this here:

media bias charts
Media bias charts attempt to show where different news sources fall on the spectrum of bias. In my last post, we saw that there are many types of bias beyond just “left” and “right.” You can read that post here: media biaswhat is media bias?I usually hear about “media

the bad news

I want to stay up to date on the bad things happening in the world. I want to be aware of atrocities, and I want to know about the worst atrocities as soon as they happen. Because of this, I subscribe to and occasionally support Genocide Watch.

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From their own description of themselves, Genocide Watch wants to prevent and spread awareness of genocide and mass murder. They identify and combat genocide, while coordinating with global organizations, and advocating for education about genocide prediction, prevention, intervention, and justice.

Here are some of their excellent reports on current events:

Israel/Palestine update



Yes, the genocide emergency is still ongoing, but this report is from August 2022.

the good news

If you've made it this far, check out some interesting news sites that try to be more "positive." While I recognize being positive alone doesn't make for high quality news, I still want you to have these resource just in case you're ever interested.

Solutions Journalism Network

Solutions Journalism Network tries to report on people who are actually making a difference in the world. That is to say, instead of reporting on problems, they report on solutions and those attempting to make things better. I recommend you start with their Story Tracker to find recent updates:

Solutions Story Tracker®
The Solutions Story Tracker® is a curated database of rigorous journalism focused on responses to social problems.

I sometimes find it difficult to find actual stories to read, but once you figure out how to navigate their site, the payoff is good.

The Good News Network

The Good News Network publishes only "good news." It focuses on things that will uplift and encourage. It's a little heavy on the sentimental side for me, but overall it's a good site to read.

The Good News Network: Positive Stories 24/7
Your daily source for only good news: Inspiring stories and images from around the world will make you feel uplifted, optimistic and positive about life.

Another site in a similar vein is It's not as old, but it has some interesting implementation.

TED talks

TED talks aren't exactly news, but they will keep you up to date on what experts in various "fields that matter" are actively working on. I highly recommend giving some a listen.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

I hope you found this post informational and helpful!