weekly organ video

weekly organ video
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

I never though I'd be a producer of music videos, but here I am!

I might make this a weekly thing... who knows? For what it's worth, here's my latest organ video! (Note that my video editing skills are improving 🙃. Pixar, here I come!)

Here's a random fun fact: almost all music we listen to today isn't in tune. When everything is perfectly "in tune," we call it "just intonation." Unfortunately, things like scales and chords don't play nicely with just intonation since sound doesn't naturally divide itself into twelve convenient notes. In other words, music theory is a social construct and all music is a lie! Just kidding...

In reality, it's practically impossible to achieve true just intonation on an instrument because it would require every note to change its tuning every time you play a new chord. Singers actually do it all the time (barbershop quartets are particularly famous for it). Also, back when I was a real musician, my teachers and conductors trained us to bend the notes we played into something closer to just intonation.

We use "12-tone equal temperament," where we take an octave and chop it into twelve equal parts. This is fine, but leads to

In this plot, the colored lines show how far sharp or flat every note in equal temperament is. A value of 0 would be perfectly in tune. (All the different colors give different systems of equal temperament, not just 12-tone like we use in all of our music.)
Equal temperament - Wikipedia

Long story short, in my video, I tuned my organ to quarter-comma meantone. If you want to read about the math, go to my friend Wikipedia and ask him about it:

Quarter-comma meantone - Wikipedia

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