i'm building my new organ using Wood from the Hood!

new organ Mar 8, 2022

According to their site, most trees that are cut down within cities end up in landfills. At Wood from the Hood, they want to put a stop to that!

Reclaimed Wood Minneapolis - Table Design, Home Decor, Lumber, Slabs | Wood From the Hood
In our Minneapolis based shop we transform the logs from fallen urban trees into high-quality hardwoods: reclaimed live edge tables, home decor and lumber.https://woodfromthehood.com/shop/

I'm (finally) working on my new organ console, which you can read about at the links below:

why i built an organ in our spare bedroom (must read!)
I’ve waited for this post since I started this blog. I was waiting for a critical mass of people actually reading it!
how i built an organ in our spare bedroom
I’m finally getting to this post! It’s building off a post I made many, many months ago: why i built an organ in our spare bedroom (must read!)I’ve waited for this post since I started this blog. I was waiting for a critical mass of people actually reading

Currently, my organ is very wobbly. I took off most of the support on the front, set it up high on cinder blocks, then removed most of the screws holding it together. Overall, it's an accident waiting to happen and it's very ugly (in my humble opinion).

Here are some recent pictures of it:

It's not pretty, but it's (barely) functional.

My awesome cousin built that beautiful bench you see in the picture. Now it's my turn to make a console worthy of it!

that's where Wood from the Hood comes in

I looked for sources of hardwood near TC Maker, my favorite makerspace:

makerspace - tate
a life observed

And I was very happy to find Wood from the Hood!

For the uninitiated, all of their wood comes from within the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. They mill it in house to make slabs, dimensional lumber, and everything in-between. They particularly specialize in live-edge pieces, and they take commissions to do some amazing work around the Twin Cities. Check out their gallery here:

Blog - Wood From The Hood

It's a really neat place!

Even better, the employee who helped me choose my lumber was astounding. His name is Bill. He immediately asked if I need help (which I really, really did since I've never built furniture before), then he walked me through choosing a species of wood, the dimensions I need, and how to calculate this strange unit of measure called "board feet." I really like Bill and Wood from the Hood should be happy to have him.

next steps

From here, it's on to the makerspace!

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