my organ is done!

Finally, I plugged everything in and played my first notes. Shockingly, everything worked on the first try and this saga is complete!

new organ: part 5 (and a review of the Nektar SE61 MIDI controller)

By the end of my last post, I really just

new organ: part 4

By the end of my last post, My new organ

new organ: part 3

When last I left you, I had just finished making

new organ: part 2

A lot happened last week! I'm going to

i'm building my new organ using Wood from the Hood!

According to their site, most trees that are cut down

makerspace update (a partial review of twin cities maker)

Read about what a makerspace is and the entire saga

the true cost of using a makerspace (how to make decisions like an engineer)

I'll use a trick I learned in engineering school to pick the best one: it's called a "ranked scoring matrix" because it uses a spreadsheet table (a matrix) to help give each choice a score based on how they compare to the other choices.

best 6 makerspaces in minneapolis - based on website design alone

This post could equally be called, "How to find anything online" or "How to find a makerspace in a city you've never seen." Here, I'll take you through the process I used to find the optimal space for me, then I'll give you an update in a later post to tell you whether I was right.