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optimal eating

If you haven't read the teaser for this post, you

[teaser] optimal eating

What do Domino's drivers, MLB baseball teams, Delta Air Lines, the U.S. military and traveling salesmen all have in common? They all benefit from a branch of mathematical optimization known as linear programming.

featured on american guild of organists' women composers project

The goal was to record as much organ music by women composers as possible in a very short period of time. All the performers are members of the American Guild of Organists who are under the age of 30 (myself included).

alignment II

Everyone has, does, and will disagree with someone because everyone


This is the only state that allows you freedom to flourish.

my current organ teacher

This is a wonderful video and article about my current

the prodigal father - III

When everything he had was mediated through the wisdom of his father, he didn't have to worry about maintenance. He was like the birds who don't plant and reap their food, or the lilies who don't toil and weave their clothing. His father just provided it.


Apologies aren't about getting forgiveness and moving on. They're about expressing remorse and accepting accountability. Good apologies are just the first step on the road to reconciliation.

you made the sunshine (full poem)

You are compassion, enfleshed as human. You made the dead to walk in life! So who am I Lord, to see your wonders? Who am I to sing your praise?

you made the sun shine

The seas are measured by your greatness, you made them