life update... i'm still alive!

life update... i'm still alive!
Photo by Dom Fou / Unsplash

To all my dedicated readers who've noticed that I haven't made a post recently, fear not! I am still alive and well. Since I generally write my posts a bit in advance of their publication, this time represents my Thanksgiving break (which I'm going to tell you all about on this blog)!

For today and the next few days, I'll be finishing up my semester at school, so my time will be divided, but don't worry! I have my Thanksgiving series in the works, I have all my Celebration of Discipline posts on my mind, I have further developments on my sheep simulator (it's really coming along nicely), the second video about the Northrop organ, and many miscellaneous posts that I simply need to revise before they're made public.

I will add here, that practicing the disciplines, especially Sabbath, has made this season of relentless due dates and difficult exams the most enjoyable I've ever had! I almost look forward to the days when I fail because on them, I learn so much more than boring days when everything goes right!

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