it is hard to kick against the goads

Today, in my prayer, God taught me that there is

prodigal father - IV

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there's good news and bad news

I write occasionally about public media and how to consume

alignment III - reality

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alignment II - truth

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This is the only state that allows you freedom to flourish.

the prodigal father - III

When everything he had was mediated through the wisdom of his father, he didn't have to worry about maintenance. He was like the birds who don't plant and reap their food, or the lilies who don't toil and weave their clothing. His father just provided it.


And don't let Wormwood whisper in your ear. You know that no matter what, God will at least treat you as well as the tax collectors.

desert spaces

desert: noun                                                 1: arid land with usually sparse vegetation — especially:

i must confess II

Good afternoon! Let's talk confession again. Foster'