love to learn

I love my life. I can fill my brain with a million hyperlinks to a million-million other things makes every second an explosion of pleasure as all of creation converges on this single, present moment and I better understand my place in it.

my lab

Hello to all! I suppose this post is coming a

holy land II.I - the floating tree in jaffa

Someone asked me about the floating tree in my second

holy land I - introduction

Just in case you haven't heard yet, I

new organ: part 4

By the end of my last post, My new organ


I found this simulation online. I recommend you give it

weekly organ video

I never though I'd be a producer of

3d-printed puzzles

I have a project I've been working on

The Cracked Labyrinth

By some reckoning, the measure of a craftsman is his ability to make his own tools... And programmers or software engineers, while not quite craftsmen in the traditional sense, do this perpetually by building functions and scripts.

most realistic sheep simulator in existence

Computer scientists are very smart. They can solve problems to achieve their goals and make successful products. They wield tools that are baffling to the average person but still manage to design simple interfaces that the rest of us can understand. Sheep can do none of those things.