BME PhD student wins top prize in national research pitch competition

Check out this link to read about my latest activity!

love to learn

I love my life. I can fill my brain with a million hyperlinks to a million-million other things makes every second an explosion of pleasure as all of creation converges on this single, present moment and I better understand my place in it.

how to judge a day

Wow! It's already Friday, and this is my


Long story short, if I interrupt my consistent blog schedule, rest assured that I did it for a better cause!

christmas: a year in review

What a wonderful year! And oh, how amazing that life

new logo (pali musi)

Don't be alarmed! I have changed my logo.

first day of school!

Today is the first day of my PhD classes and I am THROUGH THE ROOF EXCITED!

sometimes i think loudly

Sometimes I spend entire days or weeks working on a project, but once I'm finished the only place it lives on is in my own memories. This is a shame! Rather than let it die, I want to preserve and share it with others who may find it useful or inspiring.

why i started a blog after a year without social media (during the pandemic)

Growing up, I found that one of the best things about a small town is that everyone cares what you're doing with your life. In fact, my whole town rightfully feels that they share in the successes and challenges I experience every day because they all contributed so much to raising me.