how I made a speed-square on a 3d printer - part 1: design

A speed square helps builders connect things at the correct angles. It works as a protractor and a straight edge at the same time. It's extremely useful for almost any project you can think of!

i finished my desk! (it was a roller coaster!)

In my last post, I discovered that I bit off

how to make (almost) perfect joints for beginners

After my last post, my hope of using the table saw to make my desk flew out the window. I guess since even the best laid plans can fail, I shouldn't be surprised that not planning at all will also lead to failure.

how to make the world's worst table saw sled (the hard way)

Continuing my Shopsmith saga from an earlier post, today I made what might be the world's worst table saw sled. Right now, I'm going to show you how I did it!

i spent an entire day making an ugly phone stand using power tools

o make a long story short: I want to make a desk for my new apartment in Minneapolis. I want to make it myself and I want it to be huge. It will be an 8' x 4' behemoth with storage space and an internal skeleton make of 2" x 6" lumber.