optimal eating

If you haven't read the teaser for this post, you


Long story short, if I interrupt my consistent blog schedule, rest assured that I did it for a better cause!

my organ is done!

Finally, I plugged everything in and played my first notes. Shockingly, everything worked on the first try and this saga is complete!

new organ: part 5 (and a review of the Nektar SE61 MIDI controller)

By the end of my last post, I really just

new organ: part 4

By the end of my last post, My new organ

new organ: part 3

When last I left you, I had just finished making

new organ: part 2

A lot happened last week! I'm going to string this

i'm building my new organ using Wood from the Hood!

According to their site, most trees that are cut down

weekly organ video

I never though I'd be a producer of music videos,

3d-printed puzzles

I have a project I've been working on for a